Importance of Cybersecurity Advisory

Importance of Cybersecurity Advisory

This blog addresses the issue of higher management in Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity advisory, such as what Cybersecurity is, the importance of Cybersecurity in businesses, and what Cybersecurity awareness and advisory mean.


Cybersecurity refers to a company that uses procedures and strategies to protect its systems, devices, networks, servers, applications, and data from Cyber-attacks.

Initially, Cybersecurity is regarded as a function of the IT department and a dilemma of IT. Following a spike in volume and complexity of Cyber counterattacks, it has formed itself as one of the key concerns in business.

In the last five years, ransomware attacks have brought the largest businesses to their knees, costing them thousands (sometimes millions) of dollars in business loss, command, and control.

Even those who previously opposed were persuaded by these attacks to reconsider their position on Cybersecurity and give it proper attention. Businesses all over the world have suffered considerable amount of damage as Cyber-attacks have grown in sophistication and danger.

Companies that does not have a good cyber defiance, employees who are unaware of the threats, and no proper Cybersecurity training is giving and has given hackers and cyber criminals the permission to operate.

As we know from the recent cases of Colonial Pipeline and JBS, even companies with high-tech defenses, a high standard of malware preparation, and best data protection policies are vulnerable to harmful consequences of Cyber-attacks.

So, it is reasonable to identify and address the huge risk cyber crime is becoming nowadays and prepare for the outcome.

Significance of Cybersecurity Awareness

As previously stated, businesses all over the world, regardless of its form, are vulnerable to Cyber-attacks, and Cybersecurity has become a major concern all over.

It is critical to invest in potential modern technology solutions, but the human element is the most crucial factor that every business should consider.

If you look at the recent cases of popular Cyber-attacks, you will notice that they all had one thing in common: the attack caused by human error. As you can see in the case of Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, because of poor Cybersecurity, password was leaked. This led to lack of fuel across the East coast of the US.

The reason behind the case of WannaCry in 2017 was that the systems compromised due to its users not updating the Windows released more than two months that brought hacking. This incident highlights the importance of proper training of Cybersecurity for employees and patch management.

An attack like WannaCry, dubbed an "epidemic" by experts, would not have occurred if global Cybersecurity awareness were higher.

As a result, Cybersecurity awareness, as well as proper training and direction of the human element, are critical components of today's disaster recovery strategy and should not be overlooked.

Support Provided by Cybersecurity

To protect themselves from Cyber-attacks, companies have become an integral part of enabling Cybersecurity advisory. Depending on their size and scale, distinct types of companies can benefit from distinct types of Cybersecurity advisory.

The Cybersecurity advisory can help companies that have a security team and a large IT infrastructure as well as those that do not.

The first step is to consider how Cybersecurity advisory in companies with few cyber defenses can play a significant role in securing those companies. These are the key-ways that will prove Cybersecurity advisory importance and how it can help:

a. Assess the company’s Cybersecurity readiness and adaptability.

b. Assess the company’s conditions in terms of employee training and technological investments.

c. Review current plans and methods for disaster response and incident response.

d. Emphasizing the importance of Cybersecurity to higher management or the board of directors in business and persuading them to initiate cybersecurity.

"At LockedJar, we have a curated service for companies that do not have their own Cybersecurity team. For companies requiring adaptable and economical access to Cybersecurity, governance, risk, and compliance experts, our team fills this void."

The Trusted Cybersecurity Advisory Service is also available, which provides hands-off additional support for businesses that already have Cybersecurity in place.

In what ways will Cybersecurity consulting assist such companies? These are the ways in which Cybersecurity services will prove its value and can be helpful:

a. External Knowledge. Because of their involvement or investment in the structure, the internal Cybersecurity team is sometimes unable to evaluate it rationally. In these situations, the insights given by team that can look from external can be a huge advantage in many cases.

b. Review of Policies and Management. Many clients get our help to analyze their policies and process management that is assessed by our experts. This is beneficial as a different outlook needed to spot loops even in intricately plotted artifacts.

c. Crisis Support. For instance, when a disaster happens the experienced Cybersecurity professionals even acknowledge the importance of outlook by trusted external experts who knows the framework. The organizations security team knows the details about the chaos and even they can take aid from external guidance that a skilled observer can give.

Choosing a Cybersecurity Advisory Companion

There are too many options in the market to find the right Cybersecurity advisory partner. Therefore, you can choose your partner according to your requirements of your business and then look up to your best options correctly.

These are the guidelines that will give you direction in selecting the best advisory for your business:

a. Define objectives of organization:  The initial step is to give the tabs to technical and management teams and making them decide the result they want to achieve when looking for outside expertise. To avoid any discomfort at this point it is necessary to involve technical teams or else they will feel unwanted.

b. Avoid independent contractors:  Next step is its best to avoid contract employees as they are only one individual show. So, what will happen to your business if that one person is due to any reason unavailable then you will be left on your own.

Our advice to you is that you hire a huge team of consultancies who are experts and working on your firm so you can always rely on them in difficult occasions, and you will have a larger team for guidance.

c. Look for simplicity & effectiveness:

The major quality which you must look out for in Cybersecurity advisory is simplicity. The ones who complicate the cybersecurity for you should be avoided and regrettably there are many consultancies in the market who tries to go for a long-term contract with the customer. This is your sign that you must find another one.