CyberSecurityTips #15: Why should we evaluate processes in a security review?

One of the benefits of process evaluations is that they can be used to assess the effectiveness of current security measures. This information can then be used to improve the security system as a whole. Process evaluations can also help organizations better distribute their resources by showing them where more security measures are needed and where there may be needless spending and redundancy.

It is important to note that process evaluations should not be confused with audits. While both types of evaluations examine security systems, audits are typically conducted on an annual or semi-annual basis and focus on compliance with specific standards or regulations. In contrast, process evaluations are conducted more frequently and examine all aspects of a security system in order to identify potential vulnerabilities.

There are a number of different ways to conduct a process evaluation. One common method is known as a review team approach. This type of evaluation involves bringing in a team of experts from outside the organization to assess the effectiveness of the security system. The review team approach has the advantage of providing an objective perspective on the organization's security posture.